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Vera Yijun Zhou is an interdisciplinary artist, researcher, and designer whose work is focused on the production and circulation of images in the new media environment. Her work and research deconstruct and translate the symbolic language created by conceptual theories, by documenting and analyzing individuals’ narratives. Vera was born and raised in China in the early page of its globalization and moved to the Netherlands at the onset of the pandemic. Her work follows and reflects the multiple social contradictions of the post-globalization era she is experiencing, she uses the consumption and circulation of images as a metaphor to capture the alienated reality within and underlying images of neoliberalism, identity politics, and censorship surveillance.

As an art practitioner, Vera’s work forms in multiple shapes as paintings, publications, still and moving images, and installations. She graduated from the Master of Photography & Society at the Royal Academy of Arts, the Hague in 2022. And her work is awarded the 12th Three Shadows Photography Award (TSPA) in 2019.

As a graphic designer and publisher, Vera has diverse experiences working with different institutions and artists; she co-founded the photobook publication studio Imageless (2014-2019), and she worked as the graphic designer for the magazine Leap, the Art Newspaper China. She participated in designing publications for Maison Européenne de la Photographie. Her design works have been presented at Art Basel, Paris Photo, Photo Shanghai, Frieze London, and the Guggenheim Museum.


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