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This project explores the story of 3 women with a word that reso- nates in common; absence. This symbiosis of stories is united by forced disappearance, migration, and family violence, which breaks ties and leaves gaps.

“Seeing the face of fear and approaching its source, crossing the line, even if it is confusing my place there, interpreting and feeling the other, feeds my own understanding. I am afraid, but an invisible touch pushes me and calls me to be there, gradually the shadows of my memory settle in my warmest days to tell me of the fears I live but ignore, that visit me dai- ly with their slow and infinite flashes.

The ghosts that somehow populate all of us who share living in a place where going for a walk is a danger and being at home too, because anyone can come and turn off our life, in that space reality exceeds us and the only possible reme- dy is denial. To feel other lives, it is spectral and it is a gift”.

Designed by Vera Yijun Zhou
Published by HYDRA

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