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Eat Drink Man Woman

“Drink Eat Man Woman” - the same name as Ang Lee’s movie, Drink Eat Man Woman. This movie talks about food and sexuality based on the story of a family. Similar to the movie, “Drink Eat Man Woman” is my research of food and gender. I visualized the result of the research and made several augmented reality images and an app.

Drink Eat Man Woman
augmented reality app operation video

Symbolizes an object. An object that has been altered by food and is symbolized by the food itself. Here was a conversation about food and its flavors symbolic meanings between Simone De Beauvoir and Jean Paul Sartre, this project was first inspired by it.

Food and its related culture are gendered, or favors one of the gender binaries.

A study published in Scientific American said that a man’s power is higher than a woman’s starting from eating meat. The researchers said that they unexpectedly discovered the link between the diet structure and the change in the relationship of gender power. The diet of men and women in the Neolithic Age was dominated by rice. From the Bronze Age, men began to eat more meat and women continued to eat rice.

At the same time, under the influence of war, the brave man was lauded as a hero/idol by society. Also from the Bronze Age, when the man was buried, there were more funerary objects laid upon his grave than on that of the woman. In the modern society, it seems to be relatable that along with vegetarianism is becoming a middle class fashion, feminism is also risen as a popularity. Does the gender power connect with what kind of food we eat?

The Food chain

of human beings in the food chain. Under the overall dominance of the human being, men have the upper hand in the food chain comparing with women. Strength and speed have traditionally been used as the first choice factor for reproduction.

Men showed their strength and speed through hunting, and they got both from their hunted prey. Women’s consciousness is weakened in general, women can be regarded as commodity or exchange equivalence in the patriarchal society.

Gender and food under the trend of fast food culture

more convenient and fast.Various types of targeted social app have emerged based on different needs.

Social app based on friendship or more basic sexual needs is emerging one after another. Sexual instinct is further released and opened up, directly and speedily, choices, resources and approaches are also diversified. Food and sexuality went into a same pattern nowadays: mass produced, speed of service.

The special sense of ceremony which used to belong to food and sex is now about to extinct: when eating is no longer a formal and holy thing, having sex is becoming more common and casual.


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