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2021 - 2022

Nice Meating You

Representation through images is central to the process of generating meaning for the culturally situated notion of failure. I was born in the Year of the Pig and in many cultures, pigs are seen as dirty and often the target of dietary restrictions. They are also used in derogatory vernacular, for example, Facebook Community Standards reflect on this cultural norm that declares pigs as intellectually or physically inferior animals. Calling someone “a pig” on the platform is a breach of its user code and a form of online bullying. Pig, is a mascot of failures. As a child, I was made fun of by the other children and I was left feeling an embodiment of a failed image as a “pig”.

I created a dehumanized image-based world made of screens and billboards in the game engine Unity 3D, a world made of pig and pork images. I ask questions like: “How does a pig look at screens in a pig’s world?” Or “Would pigs be offended by pork images on social media?” The virtual world is displayed as an installation of videos on multiple screens representing different multi-dimensions of piling man-made products. Later abandoned, the man-made products remain pieces of evidence tracing human existence. The large number of images we create, view, and consume every day, is also evidence of the database that we have been here.

Graduation work of MA Photography & Society at Royal Academy of Arts, the Hague.

Thesis Hang the pig



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