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Nice Meating You

Nice Meating You is a project based on my daily confusions around the identity and ideology. As one born and grown up in China, and now living in a surrounding of whiteness. The longer I live in Europe, the more I question my identity and career. Way too many voices have been shouted out, and so little people pay attention to listen. People talk about the world they have no idea about - people protest on the street, raise up debates and type comments on the social media. I am standing the middle don’t know how to react, I am not white enough, nor Asian enough, but just a human being, like every other unique human being, struggling in the existing system trying to put everyone into a simplex standard. The project is to visualise my voice/opinion: regardless of the identity, gender, nationality, convention, boundaries, we are just a piece of meat - heading back to the very beginning.


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