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Traveling Series

Traveling Series I


When we were traveling in Mauritius, I became friends with a family next to my hotel. Before leaving, I promised that they would keep in touch with them by E-mail and send them mosquito pats from China as a gift (as they could not afford one), and I would return to visit them again.After returning home, when I developed the film, I found that the first time I tried to use the flash, I got the shutter and flash connected at the wrong speed, and every photo using the flash only half of the light entered.

160 x 210mm 54 pages 

During many years, I never returned to Mauritius and never sent an E-email to them. Not even the electric mosquito pats. I learned how to use the camera and flash properly, as well as how to take perfectly exposed photos. I no longer use film cameras, so every photo can be displayed on the LED screen, there are no more irreparable mistakes

Once my hard disk broke down. When I opened the scanned file again after recovering the data, many files were lost and many files appeared weird cracks on them.
Memory fades, film fades, and even digitally stored files fade, so does kindness.

Traveling Series II

Sesame and Mung Bean

Meritocracy has always been a passion narrative. In order to achieve better results, even gamers take stimulants. Entertainment has become a derivative, with a grotesque effect, grows brutally and chaotical- ly under the pressure of society. Suffering and entertainment are ultimately intimate. The clown’s smile looked strikingly similar to the painful twisted expression of the sufferer.

In Chinese, “sesame and mung bean” refers to trivial matters. These snapshots are spontaneous derivative entertainments of some Chinese folks. These pervasive and magical realistic games to some extent maintain the stability of social structure, they are not carefree indulgences, nor are they the opposite of the burden of life.

420 x 297 mm 52 pages  

Traveling Series III


Travel is very useful and it exercises the imagination. All the rest is disappointment and fatigue. Our own journey is entirely imaginary. That is its strength. It goes from life to death. People, animals, cities, things, all are imagined. It’s a novel, simply a fictitious narrative.

Journey to the End of the Night
Louis-Ferdinand Céline

Bubble from Vera Zhou on Vimeo.­­

The rotation of hometown and outland is recognition of the sense of belonging. I take this purposeless short-term migration as a common status of my life, putting myself, and my own observations and thoughts into the narrative of travel.I try to create stories with every insignificant experience. These stories are about the difference of landscapes of long-distance regional span and the convergence of phenomena under the trend of globalization, as well as the tininess and incapability of individuals. Travel is connected to myself, to my weakness, dreams and illusions. Travel and its stories are imagined, they are just a fragile bubble.

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