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In the course of the construction of this book, I was immersed in a journey through my life as a child and at the same time through my father’s life, where similarities and radical ruptures appear. Starting from a repressed childhood that could at a given moment be the cause of my decisions, such as having chosen such a cruel medical speciality as Trau- matology, where I was almost always in contact with blood and radical procedures such as amputations.

Anecdotes emerged, both from my childhood and from my practice as a medical specialist, which led me to search for archive images. In addition, throughout the photobook are interwo- ven solarigraphs, an important part of a stage of my work, where for eighteen months I placed 32 pinhole cameras on the roofs of houses in the city of Oaxaca, which recorded both the path of the sun and the great earthquake of 2017 that destroyed a large part of the state. These abstract im- ages of intense colours reflect a profoundly difficult stage of my life, after leaving medicine, where I plunged into the tunnels of a strong depression and anxiety.

In the story I draw an analogy between the phantom limb syn- drome in which a patient, after having been amputated, continues to feel the now non-existent limb with the linger- ing presence of the father long after he has passed away.

Separation, mutilation, wounds, ruptures, amputations, words that are the common thread of the photobook, both in the story and in its physical structure.

Designed by Vera Yijun Zhou
Published by HYDRA